I like living in the country of eco food, good water and clean air. The downside of it is that I’m above of mainstream small business digitalisation tendencies here. Therefore, having a digitalisation and design thinking coaching business is, for me, more challenging than for someone based in the western part of the EU.

Since I like living here, I’m always looking for a way to push my ventures beyond local boundaries. I’m following the trends in small business digitalisation very thoroughly because I want that my business strives internationally.

What I’m finding out is – the online business market is getting more and more saturated. It looks like it’s an easy way to earn money so many people start one. Several all-rounded online business programs lure hundreds of people, promising them all kinds of online world treasures. But most of their clients – potential course creators rarely create something that makes the difference.
Why – because, to be successful online, one needs to (1) be a real expert in your field AND dedicated to uplift your business online, (2) comprehend what do your customers truly need and (3) deliver it using tech stuff.

If you fulfil point (1) – you are in an advanced position streaming to success, because it’s an excellent way to overcome points (2) and (3). You can get more from the above mentioned all-rounded online programs.
Design thinking coaching and digitalisation strategy using adequate and straightforward solutions may prototype and launch your business online within a few months.

Still, there’s an opportunity for those who are on the fence of digitalisation, to benefit from it anyway.

If you didn’t notice, today everyone is a digital creator – yes, even YOU who don’t actively think of digitalisation and an online extension of your small business.
If you use LinkedIn, FB, Insta, and you write posts about your business – you are a digital creator, and your business is already online.

As I said, the market is saturated – and the good news is that there are always new places to go within it. Digitalisation is not going to go away, nope, it’s going to spread further and grow faster every day!

At this point, I feel that very soon all business will be digitalised by default, and that’s better to go with it as quickly as possible; otherwise, you might be left behind by those who took a faster track.

Why so? You’ll get the clear answer if you reframe the way you see your market position, and take the point of view of the customer. It’s not hard because you ARE customer to someone else, so forget that you’re a business owner for a moment – how does your business look like now?

If you want to get a glimpse of how does your business frontend window look like to the eye of a stranger, I’m getting ready a short questionnaire to take the snapshot – coming soon!

(Imagine the same if you had a congruent, skilled and differentiated digital strategy, that meets your tech-savvy-ness? Gorgeous, isn’t it! If you want to know how to make it feasible, feel free to email us at hello@dijananovak.com)