Creative Hot Spot – what is it, and how to find it in your Business

Creative Hot Spot

  • a place where your client’s experience takes a turn into extremely good, the best experience
  • the point at which you use the creative potential of your work, the authenticity and values
  • a place to insert a little magic, games and character – so they increase quality and highlight the specialty of your service
  • a place to lure, to attract new clients, opportunities ….
  • the place where your Business turnes  Unicorn
  • a place that will be an important part of your business identity and that youre clinets will remember

How to install it

It rarely happens just by itself, but it can happen – for example, when it comes to people or companies with genuine authenticity – but if you come closer, you might see that building of a Creative Hot Spot takes a lot of time, trials and errors, and that there is a need for persistence and continuous belief that what they’re doing is right and the best in the world.

Some other recipes say this:

  • make a good foundation made of values, combine it with personal story and keep it in a visible place all the time 
  • Explore the roadmap, the visible and invisible connections between you and your customers
  • when researching, be open minded, because the usual ways of thinking can find only common solutions – be sure to observe from all prospectives, be sure to use 93% of communication modalities we tend to forget focusing on only 7% of speech, and steal at least one of your customers’ shoes and walk up- down-left-right way in them … and see what was hidden under the radar
  • choose an unusual but entertaining idea and try out and mini-scale – if it starts well, increase the scale
  • use serious play games, expressive modalities, figurines, colors, forms to explore all possibilities

Catch the Alchemy that’s happening between you and your best client 😉 and multiply it!